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Semi-Pro DFS Podcast


Feb 1, 2021


By: David S McIvor                                                                                                                                 @SemiProDFS

    Holy Shit…

          Now that my time being a carpenter, electrician, plumber, drywaller, and painter are “somewhat” done; I can get back to what I tried to start in August/September with random write ups on random slates. Todays roll of the dice is the Main Slate for NHL February 1st.

          As I sit here playing Principal Dad to my kids, who I decided would learn under me for the year (bold call). I can’t help getting the sense of frustration as the world seems to be imploding. The biggest factor is uncertainty, plainly not knowing what the next move is going to be. Will I be Home Schooling again next year? Am I going to have a job? Will I have to keep watching my Parent Restaurateurs keep spiraling down the drain of debt? It really is a mind altering time as we try to make sense of a terribly governed nation coast to coast.

          The point of that rant is Sports Betting, Season Long Fantasy, and DFS are equally uncertain as to what games are going to be played or postponed for… visiting teammates hotel rooms… I’m eyerolling right now.

          So as we push on with this Farce of COVID rules, we will do what we can to nail those lines that are still hitting the ice every night. Which does not include the SJ/Vegas game… God forbid they get the sniffles. Lets get Started.

Penguins (-115) @  Rangers (-105)

          The slight underdogged Rangers team looks like they have been piecing their games back together, aside from shotty goaltending. The 1st line Zibanejad, Buchnevich WILL get going eventually so why not be early. Averaging both 20+ mins on ice, they should get their looks against an equal or even worse Penguins goaltending squad. Jarry(.859 Sv%) and DeSmith (.875 Sv%) are both in the bottom 12 of the league in Save Percentage. Yuck Bro…

Bruins (-145) @ Capitals (+125)

          Pasternak made an immediate splash in his first game back from hip surgery, with him back in that top line in Bergeron and Marchand, I see DFS goodness everywhere. As for Washington, I just cant really place where or why they are good. But the emergence of Vanecek and the quality production of Backstrom and Carlson, it’s been enough to grind out close games. I’m taking Boston here though.

Predators (+155) @ Lightning (-175)

          Lacklustre, is probably the perfect word for how Nashville has come out of the gate. Saros has been Adequate but there is no real backup anymore (R.I.P Rinne). The problem is Nashville has a hard time putting points on the board and will need some extra time to possibly mesh with the newer faces on the squad.  The lightning on the other hand has been stellar to start the year. I forecasted a hangover and with the mix of the Kucherov season ending injury, I expected a faulter somewhere. But no, Stamkos has been surprising and the 3rd line depth has stepped up. The degenerate in me wants to bet Nashville, but my wallet is telling me to shut the fuck up and walk away.

Canucks (+145) @ Canadiens (-165)

          Give me Canucks with dog money. Don’t get it twisted, I love what Montreal has been able to produce this year so far. And I do think they are one of, if not, the best in the North. But Vancouver has too many weapons for me not be behind. I’m going to keep lighting my wallet on fire with Pettersson, even though Boesser, Horvat, Miller, And Hughes are all averaging a point per game. Spread the love boys…

Flames(-125) @ Jets(+105)

Tough one, The Flames seem to find something that last time they played Montreal. But this Winnipeg team is still a squad that can test your depth and goaltending. I see Mangiapane getting his first goal but not seeing Calgary with enough pizzazz to beat the Jets at home.



Rangers (-105), Bruins (-145), Canucks (+145).


DFS Line Stacks:


NYR 1, BOS 1, VAN 2. (Correlate Defensive Power Play players)




MTL – Price - $8,200

NYR – Shesterkin - $7,400


Bargain Bin:


VAN RW Hoglander -$3,600

CGY RW Mangiapane - $3,200

 TB  RW T. Johnson - $2,700


Good Luck Fuckers!