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Semi-Pro DFS Podcast

Kurt's Korner Feb 4th

Feb 4, 2021

KURTS'S KORNER - NHL Feb 4th 2021

By Kurtis Little                                                                                                                                                                              @SemiProDFS

What’s up Fuckers


Sorry I missed the show last night, here are a few of my picks for the slate on Feb.4th/2021 for the NHL. Let’s get into it.


Ottawa +255 VS Montreal -310                O/U 6.5 O -105


Montreal SMASH here. No fucking around today, I don’t have time. Toffoli is leading the league in goals, and ADD’s 2 more tonight! That gassed up Soviet Speed wagon, Romanov, is back after getting healthy scratched last game as well. I fully expect that fucker to finish this game +3. Take the over, Sen’s tendy shits the bed tonight.


Washington -115 VS NY Rangers -105   O/U 6.5 O -125


Ovechkin comes out tonight with a force, something in the air today is telling me Russians get after it tonight. Take him and Backstrom together and be on your merry fucking way. Oh, and don’t forget this lunatic Vitak Vanecek in net for the Cap’s is from outer-fuckin-space. $5 says he see’s 35+ shots tonight and doesn’t let more than 2 in. Take the over at -125 ‘cuz Ovi is potting 2 as well tonight. Suck it NY.


Carolina -190 VS Chicago +165               O/U 6 O and U -110


O/U are both set at -110 so pick your poison, and throw a fuckin lawn dart. Chicago blows balls at the moment, but have a REALLY nice looking 2nd line. However, tonight, Aho and Svechnikov get it done for the Canes, getting 4+ points combined. Why the fuck not, right?


Calgary -120 VS Winnipeg +100               O/U 6 U -120


I’ve got a few left field calls for this game. Fuck it. Monohan and Connor, BOTH finish with 2+ points, HOWEVER, I LOVE the under here. Markstrom VS Hellebyuck with the exact same records tonight. Battle of the netminders, with 2 VERY offensive minded teams. More shots fired tonight than... I’ll leave that alone....haha

Flames win 3-2 by the way, you cheeky fucks.


AGAIN, I honestly hope you win, and I look cool as fuck because I nailed all these games.


Peace. Love. Dope. Incense. Light Shows.