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Semi-Pro DFS Podcast

MLB Opening Day Quick Fix

Jul 24, 2020

By David S McIvor                       @SemiProDFS                  July 23rd 2020

Here is a quick pick sheet for the opening day tomorrow. I’m up to my fucking balls in Work and Chores lately so lets rip through this Opening Day slate.



Aaron Nola – No current Miami Marlin has a homerun against Nola, and I feel like Miami can still be a team to be exposed in the batters box. Nola had a down year last year but his Home numbers are still strong.

Madison Bumgarner – Making another Opening Day start but in the Red and Black of the Arizona Diamondbacks this year. He made a respectable 20 quality starts last year for a bad San Fran team and I feel like a change of scenery can only benefit the veteran lefty

Frankie Montas – This Flamethrower went 9-2 with a 2.63 ERA in 16 appearances last year. With Heaney starting opposite I feel like even if Montas has a luke warm performance he can still get the win.



St Louis - 1 Wong/2 Carpenter/3 Goldschmidt

LA Dodgers – 6 Pollock/7 Pedersen

Cleveland – 2 Ramirez/3 Lindor/4 Santana


One Offs


Bryce Harper

JD Martinez

Kyle Seager


Good Luck all!