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Semi-Pro DFS Podcast

Dec 30, 2017

Dave and Kurt talk about snow removal, Christmas present construction, and address a request for MMA lineup building.

The first SEMI-PRO THROWDOWN is sealed on the podcast. This is where Dave and Kurt go head-to head, with the loser completing a "consensual"  humiliating challenge(which will be recorded and put up on...

Dec 27, 2017

Dave and Kurt get into the alcohol and bullshit about -37 degrees C, argue about previous NFL week 16, assuming genders, Christmas gifts, and being new to hunting deer.


Then the boys finally get into the next 3 days of NHL DFS

Dec 23, 2017

Dave And Kurt talk Canadian oilfield, whisky and sprite, and why Kurt no longer drinks vodka.

Then talk about Hockey Night In Canada for December 23rd.

And dive into NFL Week 16

Dec 20, 2017

Dave and Kurt sit down and vent about a couple shitty nights of NHL DFS. 

Then the boys get into the next 3 days of NHL on Draftkings.

Dec 16, 2017

Dave and Kurt were not able to join each other for this episode of the podcast.... So their wives stepped in to co-host with the hosts.

Kurt and Alix talk about NHL Hockey Night In Canada for December 16th.

Dave and Amanda talk about NFL Week 15.

and ALL 4 of them talk about UFC Lawler vs Dos Anjos