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Semi-Pro DFS Podcast

SEMI-PRO DFS for NHL March 15th 2021

Mar 15, 2021

Semi Pro DFS NHL Breakdown Mar 15th 2021

By David S McIvor                                                                                                       @SemiproDFS

Difficult is the best way to describe it…

               That is the word I would use to chronicle my last 3 weeks of NHL involvement....

Semi-Pro Bets and DFS Feb 10th 2021

Feb 10, 2021

Semi-Pro Bets and DFS for February 10th 2021

By: David S McIvor                                                                        @SemiproDFS


I'm going to be blunt.

          I have not been fairing too well this season thus far. Aside from a major opening night puck drop win, I’ve basically whiffed at every...

Kurt's Korner Feb 4th

Feb 4, 2021

KURTS'S KORNER - NHL Feb 4th 2021

By Kurtis Little                                                                                                                                                                              @SemiProDFS

What’s up Fuckers


Sorry I missed the show last night, here are a few of my...

Feb 4, 2021

Dave takes a stand on his COVID 19 opinion.

The he talks about NHL for Thursday Feb 4th.

And a bit of PGA Waste Management. 

Semi-Pro Bets And DFS Feb 2nd

Feb 2, 2021

Semi-Pro Bets and DFS – NHL Main Slate Feb 2nd


By David S McIvor                                                                                                                          @SemiproDFS


So close yet so far…

As per the entirety of the year so far, Vancouver has been the Kryptonite of my Super...