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Semi-Pro DFS Podcast

Jul 28, 2018

Dave and Kurt talk about, First Aid, and Dave's Vasectomy.

Then they talk about Saturday Night in the MLB

And UFC in their Hometown of Calgary Alberta, UFC On Fox 30, Alvarez vs. Poirier

Jul 25, 2018

Dave and Kurt recap The OPEN, and discuss altering their MLB content. 

They also talk about the Wednesday slate for MLB.

And the PGA Canadian Open. 

Jul 21, 2018

Dave creepily sits in his van and records a solo edition of the show. He recaps cut day at The Open, rants on Jon Rahm, and goes over the end of the DeRozan era in Raptor Land.

He also gets into the MLB Saturday Slate.

UFC Fight Night 134 Shogun vs. Smith

and the NASCAR Foxwoods Resort Casino 301.


Jul 18, 2018

Dave and Kurt ramble about Davids Vasectomy story, Kurts twisted Testicle, and a finger in Davids ass.......

Then of course we get to The Open at Carnoustie.

Jul 16, 2018

Recorded after SEMI-PRO LIVE back on June 1st.

After a short cigarette and 6 shot break... Dave and Kurt returned to the stage to host their VERY R RATED After Dark Episode. It spans the topics of - Losing Virginity, First time on Drugs, and Masturbation Preferences. The crowd gets in on the action and tell their...